Who enters Juried Art Shows?

When you talk to a cross section of artists, each will have a different opinion on entering juried shows. An artist that I know would never never consider entering his work in a juried show because, well, he distrusts the panel to make an unbiased choice. Others do not agree with that view and understand that, although the panel members will have their own preferences, they all have to work together to make a confident choice among the entries.

The task that faces a juror is not an easy one. First he/she has to consider the variety of mediums used in the entries. The juror may have their attention attracted by certain work, but if he/she is doing the job correctly, all pieces are considered equally. The juror will understand that the artist has poured heart and soul into their piece, but a decision has to be made to produce the best showing possible for the exhibit and will do their job to ensure this is the case.

For an artist, there are good reasons to enter juried shows.

The foremost is that it will increase your visibility.  Someone who has never seen your work may have the opportunity to view it. And like it. And perhaps purchase it.

Secondly, being accepted into a juried show will build your credibility and this is a good exercise especially for early career artists working their way up in the art world.

Juried shows also force you to keep your work and resume up to date and also to discipline yourself to promote yourself out in the world. They are also a great way to interact with other artists!

James Street North Studio congratulates two of their artists, Ralph Heather and Wendy Bachiu, who have work accepted in the Grismby Public Art Gallery’s Biannual Juried Exhibition. Please take the time to drop into the Grimsby Art Gallery during August or attend the reception on August 10th to see their work and the other choices made by the jury.